Ura Garage Games is an outsourcing company focused on creation of graphic assets for Casual, Social & Mobile games. Our office is located in Odessa, Ukraine. UraGarageGames(UGG) offers next production services: concept & design of game levels and characters etc. Our UGG team includes Level and Game Designers, Project Managers, Artists (2D, 3D, Animation) , Software Engineers and SEO-managers. We can create graphics in any styles and satisfy any exotical technical requirements.

By outsourcing services of UGG production you gain access to cost reduction and quality results as soon as you need them. We offer a wide selection of services to digital entertainment production, including 2D art, 3D ar. Also UGG develops multiplatform apps, sites, marketing services etc. We’re concentrating about helping our partners make the process of creating games quicker&easier. We’re committed to hiring of the best game developers, and then creating team to help our customers get the help they need on the highest level. Our goal is to be the best at what we do: making games and apps!

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